2020 was hard! Hard on everyone, mostly travellers.

2020 was hard!

Hard on everyone, mostly travellers.

For travellers, travelling is not just moving from one place to another. Its an escape, its like time travelling, switching from a world of pretending to the world of self-expression.

A traveller is always travelling, either on the road or in their mind.

Travelling can expose a human soul to all the possibilities that exist in this world. It expands one’s thinking, leading to balancing one’s mind, body and soul. Zero travellings may put a traveller out of balance. 2020 did just that but, it also gave everyone, a fair chance to reflect on their past, plan their future and be grateful for it all.

It also made travellers reflect, reflect on all the road trips they had postponed, the itineraries they had planned but never booked, the flight tickets searched but were never finalized, the treks they had been completing but only in their heads. The regret of not travelling and not taking a journey to those planned destinations can haunt any traveller. So get over it and start now.

It’s okay!  We can’t erase a bad year, but we can always learn from it. It’s never too late to act upon what we want and where we want to go. So stop procrastinating. Shout out to that backpack, get your feet in those travel shoes, take that road trip, book those flight tickets, go on that trek and get back on that itinerary.

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. ” -Oprah Winfrey

The world may be closed, but Madtrek destinations are open now. Don’t worry about how travelling would be in the post covid times. At Madtrek, we take care of it all for you. Check out our exciting itineraries. And Remember to Travel now. Breathe in the freedom and let go of 2020.

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Hello there! I'm Geeta Bisht.I Travel solo and share my stories to encourage other female solo travellers to take a leap of faith and travel more. I manage travelling with my full-time job and love every bit of it. I am here to celebrate travelling and the life of travellers. I am also a Yoga Teacher so all my travels are mostly to mountains and spiritual destinations.

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