How long is Kedarkantha Trek?

At most, four days, at least three days. The Kedarkantha journey is 20 km long on both sides. However, the steep terrain is difficult to ascend. If you are a skilled trekker, you could finish in two days as well.

What is necessary for the Kedarkantha trek?

Here I the list of the essential items to bring for the Kedarkantha trek. Woollen apparel, such as sweaters, thermals, pairs of gloves, caps, mufflers, and socks: During the winter, heavy three- to five-layer outfits are not advisable because the weather can change quickly. For summer travel, light woollen is sufficient.

Can we visit Kareri Lake in December?

April to December is the best season to organise a trek to Kareri Lake. These months cover the region’s summer, monsoon, and nice winter seasons. You might have a radically different view of the local surroundings with each new month.

Which trek is better, Triund or Kareri?

There are several excellent treks near Dharamsala and Mcleodganj besides the one to Triund. A journey to Kareri Lake is ideal for you if you want to embark on a hike that is not yet featured on Instagram and is visited only by the most enthusiastic hikers and explorers.

Does it snow in Kareri Lake?

Yes, due to its high altitude, you can experience plenty of snow in Kareri in certain months. Snowfall season generally starts in mid-December and ends in February in Kareri.

Can Kareri lake be reached by car?

In Himachal Pradesh, Kareri Lake is close to the cities of Dharamshala and Mcleodganj. The ideal course of action, if you are driving your own vehicle, would be to travel all the way to Kareri Khas and begin your walk from there.

Is there network in Kareri Lake?

The trek to Kareri Lake has no network coverage. Even BSNL operates infrequently. No one in Kareri accepts Paytm or any other online payment method.