What are the rules of paragliding?

The paraglider with the mountain to their right has priority when flying. Pass right-handed paragliders when flying (when overtaking or when passing a pilot head-on). Another paraglider cannot pass you when you are flying close to the mountain.

Is the network available in Triund?

During the trek, there are spots where the cell network is accessible. When you reach the top, the network disappears, though. Therefore, it is best to let your parents or anybody else know that you won’t be able to answer any calls during that time.

Is Triund Trek safe for kids?

Yes, it is possible, but it can exhaust your child while trekking, especially if they climb. Be ready to carry kids if they refuse to climb. 

Is night stay allowed in Triund?

Night camping and staying at Triund is not allowed per the state government’s order. Triund is a popular trek in the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas.

Can a beginner do Triund Trek?

Due to the route’s difficult uphill walking, this journey is far too tiresome for beginners. However, they can easily do the trek.