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    The Beautiful View of Hampta Pass Trek

    Scenic Beauty: Spiti Valley captivates with its rugged terrain, pristine landscapes, and surreal beauty. From snow-capped peaks to winding rivers and ancient monasteries, it offers a breathtaking panorama that beckons adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike.

    Cultural Experience: Spiti Valley is a land of ancient Buddhist monasteries, traditional villages, and colorful festivals. Spiti's culture reflects its Tibetan heritage and its unique adaptation to the high-altitude desert environment.

    Challenging Trekking Days: The itinerary includes challenging trekking days. From rugged terrains to high-altitude passes, each day presents its unique obstacles. Adventurers brave the elements, pushing their limits, rewarded with unparalleled views and unforgettable experiences.

    Chitkul the last inhabited village Chitkul, the final inhabited village before the Indo-China border, offers a unique experience, with a serene retreat amidst the Himalayas. Known for its picturesque landscapes, traditional architecture, and warm hospitality, it beckons travelers seeking an authentic Himalayan experience.

    Hindustan ka Akhri Dhaba In Spiti, don't miss the renowned 'Hindustan ka Akhri Dhaba' for an unforgettable dining experience. Indulge in delicious local cuisine while soaking in the stunning surroundings, adding a flavorful touch to your Spiti Valley adventure.

    Flexibility The itinerary provides some free time, allowing you to explore and experience the destination at your own pace. You can also explore Nako sightseeing and the world-famous Key Monastery nestled between the mountains housing ancient murals and weapons.

    Varied Accommodation The trek offers a mix of accommodation options, including camping in the wilderness and staying in guesthouses or hotels, providing a diverse experience of living in the mountains.

    Pre-Booked Transportation The package includes pre-booked transportation from Shimla the trek starting point and a transfer to the Kalpa and then the airport at the end of the trek, ensuring a convenient and hassle-free journey.

    All Meals
    All Permits


    Trekker ascending a snowy mountain pass with majestic peaks in the background.

    Tour Start/ End Location - Shimla

    Tour Duration - 6 Days and 5 Nights

    Tour Route - Shimla - Chitkul - Nako - Kaza - Kalpa - Shimla

    Meals - Day 1 Dinner to Day 6 Breakfast

    Stay - Hotels/ Camps on a double sharing basis

    Transport - Tempo travller/ Innova


    Embarking on a journey from Shimla to Spiti Valley is like stepping into a journey where every stroke reveals a new wonder. Starting from the tranquil beauty of Chitkul, the highest inhabited village 3,450 meters above sea level in the Baspa Valley. You'll be mesmerized by the towering peaks and the glistening river cutting through the valley. Moving on to Nako, Gue, and Key, you'll encounter remote villages steeped in centuries-old traditions, where time seems to stand still amidst the rugged Himalayan landscape.

    As you go through Kibber, Kaza, Komik, Hikkim, Langza, and Dhankar, each stop unveils a unique facet of Spiti's allure – from ancient monasteries perched on rocky cliffs to vast expanses of barren yet captivating terrain. The journey becomes more than just a physical voyage; it's a spiritual journey through nature's untouched bounty and the rich tapestry of local cultures.

    In Kalpa, the journey culminates with panoramic views of snow-capped peaks and terraced fields, offering a glimpse into the serene beauty that defines the Himalayan landscape. With every twist and turn of the road, you'll find yourself immersed in the charm of Spiti Valley, where adventure and tranquility coexist in perfect harmony. Get ready to begin your journey against the canvas of this enchanting journey.


    Day 1 - Shimla to Chitkul

    • Meet your driver upon arrival in Shimla and begin your journey towards Chitkul.
    • Traverse through a diverse landscape, transitioning from dense forests to open meadows.
    • During the journey, pass by Sarahan and Rampur Bushahr, soaking in the beauty of the Sutlej river till Karcham.
    • Arrive at Chitkul and treat yourself to a meal at the famous 'Hindustan ka Akhri Dhaba'.
    • Check into your pre-booked hotel or homestay for an overnight stay.

    Day 2 - Chitkul to Nako

    • Check out from your hotel in Chitkul.
    • Head out for local sightseeing and explore the Nako Monastery, known for its serene atmosphere.
    • Explore Nako Lake upon arrival and experience the local culture.
    • Witness a change in shades of the lake water as the sun sets behind the mighty mountains.

    Day 3 - Nako to Gue Village to Kaza

    • Head towards Gue village, known for its 500-year-old mummy.
    • Continue your journey towards Tabo Monastery, also known as the "Ajanta of the Himalayas.
    • Proceed towards the Pin Valley National Park.
    • Arrive in Kaza, the heart of Spiti Valley.

    Day 4 - Kaza Sightseeing

    • Explore Kaza and its surrounding attractions.
    • Visit the Key Monastery, one of the largest and oldest monasteries in Spiti.
    • Explore the picturesque village of Kibber, known for its high-altitude wildlife sanctuary.
    • Visit the picturesque village of Langza and see the famous Buddha statue.
    • Overnight stay in Kaza.

    Day 5 - Kaza to Kalpa

    • Head towards the majestic Dhankar Monastery.
    • Explore the monastery and enjoy the panoramic views it offers.
    • Explore Kalpa, and visit the Kinnaur Kailash Peak, and relax by the waterfall.
    • Relax and unwind after a day of travel and exploration.
    • Spend the night at your camp or homestay in Kalpa.

    Day 6 - Kalpa to Shimla

    • Check out from your camp/homestay in Kalpa.
    • Travel through winding roads alongside the Satluj River with picturesque Deodar forests.
    • Arrive at Bal Village and explore the local culture.
    • Overnight camping or stay in a guesthouse in Bal Village.
    • Return home with cherished memories of your Spiti Valley adventure.



    Price Includes

    • Meals Offered: The package includes meals from dinner on day 1 to breakfast on day 6 throughout the entire tour.
    • Transportation: Transportation is included in the package from day 1 to day 6, covering the journey from Shimla to Shimla.
    • Accommodation: Accommodation is included. Camping on some nights and staying in a guesthouse or hotel on others.
    • Sightseeing: All planned sightseeing destinations will be covered as per the itinerary. Enjoy bonfires wherever possible during the trip.

    Price Excludes

    • Personal Expenses: Any personal expenses, including extra meals, snacks, beverages, or personal items, are not covered. Participants are responsible for covering these expenses themselves.
    • Travel Insurance: Trek packages generally do not include travel insurance. It's recommended that you organize your travel insurance to safeguard against emergencies, health concerns, or any unexpected situations.
    • Within a day of a successful booking, the client gets a voucher of the confirmation through email.
    • If the preferred slots are not available, an alternative schedule will be arranged according to the preference of the customer, and a new voucher of confirmation will be sent through email.
    • Alternatively, before confirmation, the customer can decide to cancel their booking, and a complete refund will be issued.
    • Cancellations made in between 45 days of the start date of the trip will be assessed a cancellation fee of 25% of the total tour cost.
    • Cancellations made between 15-30 days of the trip’s start date will be charged 50% of the total tour cost as cancellation fees.
    • If you cancel within 0-15 days of the trip’s start date, you will be charged 100% of the entire tour cost as cancellation fees.
    • In the event of bad weather or government restrictions, any trips or events may be cancelled. In such a case, the operators will do all possible to give a viable alternative. However, a cash refund is not available on this item.

    If you select a refund after canceling your trek, the refund amount will be deposited into the payment account that you had used while making payment to us. It will take ten to twelve working days.


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