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Best Places To Visit In Himachal Pradesh In Summer

Places to visit in Himachal
Places to visit in Himachal

Undoubtedly, Himachal Pradesh stands as an eminent contender for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation in the summer. Spanning from April through June, the summer season in Himachal Pradesh bestows a respite from the scorching heat and makes it a best places to visit in summer. During this period, temperatures graciously hover between 5°C and 24°C, offering an inviting embrace of coolness. As the snow recedes from its thoroughfares, Himachal opens its arms, beckoning travelers to explore its enchanting vistas.

The verdant mountains and valleys reawaken during these months, painting a vivid tableau that captivates the eye. Himachal Pradesh, ensconced in the northern reaches of India, becomes remarkably accessible as roads clear of their icy shroud. The natural exuberance returns, transforming Himachal into a picturesque delight that rejuvenates the soul and offers tremendous places to visit in Himachal Pradesh.

Places That Can Be Visited In Himachal During Summer

Himachal Pradesh offers a plethora of trekking destinations and visiting options for travelers seeking respite from the heat. Here are some of the best tourist places in Himachal Pradesh in summer months:

Shimla: The Queen of Hills

Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, exudes an irresistible colonial allure and boasts panoramic vistas. The famed Mall Road, adorned with a plethora of shops and eateries, entices leisurely strolls and relaxed shopping sprees. At The Ridge, a breathtaking spectacle of surrounding mountains unfolds, leaving visitors in awe and contributes to being one of the best Himachal tourist places.

An absolute highlight is the iconic Kalka-Shimla toy train, a UNESCO World Heritage site that provides an enchanting ride through picturesque landscapes and historic charm. Shimla intricately intertwines a tapestry of history, natural magnificence, and architectural wonders, leaving an everlasting impression on those who visit. It extends an inviting invitation to travelers, encouraging them to lose themselves in its timeless allure and mesmerizing landscapes.


Manali: Adventure and Tranquility

Manali emerges as a haven for both thrill-seeking adventurers and nature aficionados. Nestled amid majestic mountains and verdant valleys, this destination presents a playground for activities like trekking, paragliding, and river rafting, catering to the spirited heart of adventure enthusiasts.

The crown jewel, Rohtang Pass, a stone’s throw away from Manali, retains its allure with snow-draped peaks, an enchanting sight even amidst the summer warmth. Manali’s magnetic charm lies in its dual identity – an adrenaline-pumping hub for seekers of excitement and a serene haven for those who seek solace in nature’s embrace.


Dharamshala and McLeod Ganj: Tibetan Haven

Dharamshala, home to the revered Dalai Lama, and its neighboring enclave McLeod Ganj radiate a palpable Tibetan essence and a profound spiritual atmosphere to the Himachal Pradesh tourist spot. These twin destinations captivate with their Tibetan cultural infusion. The cascading Bhagsu waterfall, the tranquil Dal Lake, and the serene Tsuglagkhang Complex stand out as prominent attractions.

A tantalizing facet of this experience is the opportunity to savor authentic Tibetan cuisine, a delightful culinary exploration that complements the spiritual immersion. Dharamshala and McLeod Ganj gift travelers a unique blend of Tibetan heritage and a soul-stirring ambiance, where the echoes of devotion resonate through every corner.


Kasauli: Serene Retreat

Kasauli, a hidden gem nestled amidst the hills, unfurls a haven of serenity and untouched natural beauty. The charming Christ Church, the mesmerizing Monkey Point, and the enchanting Gilbert Trail beckon explorers to unravel their allure.

This idyllic town’s refreshing climate and luxuriant landscapes present an ideal sanctuary from the sweltering summer heat.

Kasauli’s unassuming allure lies in its tranquility, offering respite to weary souls seeking a momentary escape from the chaos of everyday life. As one meanders through its picturesque streets and discovers its hidden treasures, Kasauli reveals itself as a sanctuary of peace, where time seems to pause, and the beauty of nature reigns supreme.


Spiti Valley: High-Altitude Desert

Spiti Valley, a high-altitude desert, transforms the perception of Himachal’s allure and makes it of the best places to visit in summer. It’s a land where the ordinary dissolves into the extraordinary, where the relentless winds have carved the earth into a masterpiece of barren grandeur.

The journey through Spiti is not just a physical expedition but a spiritual odyssey, as the mind wanders amidst the ethereal beauty and profound isolation. This untamed corner of Himachal Pradesh calls upon the bold to tread where few have, unraveling the mysteries of a land that echoes with ancient wisdom. The remote villages, seemingly untouched by time, offer a glimpse into a way of life that defies modern conventions.

Spiti Valley

Things To Consider Before Planning The Trip

Before commencing any trip one should first be prepared for the location. So, here’s a quick tip about how you can plan the trip with all the important points checked on the list:

Destination and Purpose

Before planning your journey, determine its purpose – be it relaxation, adventure, cultural immersion, or business. This crucial decision will guide your choices. Align your destination with your aspirations and interests, ensuring a meaningful and fulfilling travel experience.

Budget and Expenses

Establish a well-defined budget encompassing transportation, lodging, dining, activities, and potential contingencies. Adhering to this financial plan is essential to prevent exceeding your limits and encountering overspending pitfalls. By maintaining fiscal discipline, you ensure a stress-free and financially responsible travel endeavor.

Itinerary and Activities

Craft a versatile itinerary incorporating must-see attractions and desired experiences. However, remember to allocate space for serendipity and leisure. A flexible schedule allows you to embrace unexpected opportunities, engage with locals, and relish moments of relaxation. Strike a balance between planned adventures and the freedom to savor the unforeseen, contributing to a well-rounded and enjoyable travel escapade.


Conduct thorough research to secure lodgings aligned with your preferences and financial boundaries. Opt for a location that not only caters to your needs but also provides convenient access to your intended engagements. A well-chosen accommodation enhances your travel experience, ensuring comfort and seamless movement to and from your planned activities.


Whether you’re seeking adventure, spiritual solace, or simply a break from the heat, Himachal Pradesh has something to offer for everyone. Its diverse landscapes, pleasant climate, and hospitable culture make it an ideal summer destination that promises unforgettable memories and rejuvenation.