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Top Winter Treks in Himachal Pradesh

Treks in Himachal Pradesh
Treks in Himachal Pradesh

An explorer has a unique soul. They will constantly seek fascinating travel excursions. Regular touring will only make their day boring because they are constantly eager to explore and attempt new things at heart. India provides several sites with many tour agencies for these folks to make their vacations fascinating and exhilarating. Himachal Pradesh is however one destination where one may relax and have exciting activities.

Himachal Pradesh is a northeastern Indian state situated in the lap of nature amid the beautiful Himalayas. The state is a favorite among travelers and tour agencies, as visitors from all over the world visit throughout the year.

Some of the best winter treks in Himachal Pradesh are:

1.  Indrahar Pass Trek

The Indrahar Pass trip, situated in the Dhauladhar Himalayan Mountain Range in Himachal Pradesh, India, is indeed demanding and realistic goals trek with beautiful views of the nearby mountain ranges. The mountain itself, at an elevation of 4,324 meters, is the pinnacle of an Indrahar Pass journey (14,180 feet). It is an incredible trek traversing one of the most magnificent sections of the Himalayas if you have the abilities and expertise to take on the task.

The Indrahar Pass trip is best done between May and October, so when the climate is moderate and the paths are available. Trekkers must, nevertheless, be ready for rapid weather shifts and pack winter coats and proper gear.

Indrahar Pass Trek

How to reach Indrahar Pass Trek

By Air

The Gaggal Airport at Kangra, about 45 kilometers from the campsite, is the closest airport to Indrahar Pass. After this, you may take a cab or a bus to the campsite.

By Train

A rail ticket for Pathankot may be purchased from every significant Indian city. While at Pathankot, you may hire a taxi or even a local bus to Dharamshala, the campsite for the Indrahar Pass Trek. Pathankot is approximately 100 kilometers from Dharamshala. Indrahar Pass treks often begin at McLeod Ganj or Dharamkot.

By Road

You may take the bus or a cab via adjacent locations. Arriving in Dharamshala, you may take a cab or a local bus to the trek’s beginning location, which is normally either McLeod Ganj , or  Dharamkot.


  • The walk provides magnificent scenery of the Himalayan mountains, lush greenery, and winter summits.
  • The Lahesh Caves, situated at an elevation of 3500 meters, is a famous stopping point for hikers.
  • The pass provides a breathtaking panorama of the neighboring peaks and valleys.
  • The route takes you via Kalander forest, which became the habitat of an array of animals such as the Himalayan black bear, barking deer, and monal pheasant.

2.  Triund Winter Trek

Triund is a small mountain range in Himachal Pradesh’s Kangra district, located at an elevation of 2,850 meters. The Triund winter walk is a famous hiking path throughout the area, with breathtaking vistas of the snow-covered Mountains and neighboring valleys. The walk to Triund may be accomplished within one day, but if you desire to fully appreciate the grandeur of the mountain resort, you can stay overnight.

The walk to Triund begins in McLeod Ganj, a tiny town famed for its lively Tibetan culture and Buddhist temples. The walk is around 9 kilometers long and takes approximately 4-5 hours to complete.

December through February is the finest season for the Triund winter trek. The entire continent is covered with snow during this time, making for a magnificent and spectacular journey.

Triund Winter Trek

How To Reach Triund Winter Trek

By Air

The Gaggal Airport is around 18 kilometers from Triund, and there are direct flights from numerous important cities in India. After you arrive at Gaggal Airport, you may take a cab to McLeod Ganj. After you arrive at McLeod Ganj, you may begin your journey to Triund.

By Train

The closest train station to McLeod Ganj is Pathankot Train Station. The train station is 90 kilometers away from the trek’s beginning point. Trekkers can utilize a bus or a cab from the train station to McLeod Ganj.

By Road

The most prevalent and efficient way to travel is the bus. Numerous private and government buses connect McLeod Ganj to important towns like Delhi, Kullu, Dharamshala, and Chandigarh.


  • The trip provides beautiful sights of the Dhauladhar mountain range.
  • On the summit of Triund, there are numerous campsites in which you can stay the night.
  • The journey to Triund also provides an opportunity to see some animals.

3.  Thatharana Trek

Thatharana Trek is a fewer known hike in Himachal Pradesh, India. It is a hard hike that crosses the most magnificent scenery in the Dhauladhar region. The trip begins at Thatharana village, which would be close to Dharamshala. Thatharana summit sits at an elevation of 2700 meters high.

Thatharana Trek is best explored between March and June, and between September and December. Throughout these months, the weather is good as well as the sights are spectacular.

Thatharana Trek

How To Reach Thatharana Trek

By Air

If you’re planning to come by air, the Gaggal Airport in Dharamshala is the most convenient option. As a result, you could indeed easily achieve Dharamshala from all of India’s metropolitan areas.

By Train

If you want to save money on your trip to Dharamshala, use the train. But, because Dharamshala lacks a train station, things might become tricky. You’ll have to take the train to Pathankot followed by a bus for yet another 2-3 hours to go to Dharamshala. Visitors must go to the trek’s beginning point after landing in Dharamshala. The title of the location is Kharota, and you must journey there via Khaniyara.

By Road

If you want to go from Delhi or Chandigarh, it’s the most convenient option, particularly when you have a limited budget. You may take the train between Delhi to Dharamshala and arrive in a few hours, perhaps 8 to 10 hours. Take notice that the buses generally travel at night.


  • Thatharana summit sits at an elevation of 2700 meters above the sea level.
  • The hike is modest in complexity and is appropriate for both novice and expert trekkers.
  • Thatharana Trek is less popular than other hikes in the vicinity, making it an ideal respite from the city’s bustling pace.

4.  Kasol Kheerganga Trek

The Kasol Kheerganga Trek is a moderate-level trek that takes around 2-3 days to complete. The walk is approximately 26 kilometers long and brings you past beautiful green woods, rugged terrains, and various tiny communities. The trek’s highest point is 13,051 feet, reaching the Kheerganga summit.

The Kasol Kheerganga Trek is best done between April and June, and between September and November.

Kasol Kheerganga Trek

How To Reach Kasol Kheerganga Trek

By Air

The closest airport to Kasol and Kheerganga is Bhuntar Airport, which is around 31 kilometers away. After arriving in Kasol, you may begin your trip to Kheerganga. The hike begins at Kasol and takes around 2-3 days to finish, depending on your speed and schedule.

By Train

Pathankot Railway Station, about 150 kilometers distant, is the closest train station to Kasol and Kheerganga. After arriving in Kasol, you may begin your trip to Kheerganga. The hike begins at Kasol and takes around 2-3 days to finish, depending on your speed and schedule.

By Road

Kasol and Kheerganga are quite well connected by highway. After you get to Kasol, you may begin your trip to Kheerganga. The hike begins at Kasol and takes around 2-3 days to finish, depending on your speed and schedule. There are also various buses and taxis that run from Kasol towards Barshaini, where the journey to Kheerganga begins.


  • Kheerganga is renowned for its organic hot springs, which are thought to have healing effects.
  • The hike is medium in effort and is appropriate for both novice and expert trekkers.
  • There are numerous lovely campgrounds along the path where you may stay the night beneath the stars and enjoy the peace and quiet of the mountains.


Himachal Pradesh has plenty to offer all types of visitors. Himachal Pradesh has always been ready to wow its visitors with nature, flora, snow-covered hills, or apples. The mountain state has a lot to offer. Trekking is a prominent adventure activity in Himachal. Assess your fitness levels and go on a trek to create memories that will last a lifetime.